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We are transforming Africa's biggest challenges into its greatest opportunities by serving as a confident, commercial co-builder for world-shaping startups

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What we build




We create and foster an entrepreneurial environment in a safe, empathetic manner focused on co-working, events & business support. Our aim is for our community members to learn something new, meet someone interesting and have fun in the process. 

 We help teach a new problem solving method and the mentality that goes along with it to universities, corporate partners and anyone interested in viewing the world in a new way. This effort is made possible through various bootcamps, pitch competitions, experiential learning workshops and teaching support.

We transform startups from across Africa into high impact, sustainable organisations through standardised content, bespoke support and access to a deep network of mentors, experts and investors. We have two business builder programs: University Startup Lab and Climate Lab. Five day Builder Sprints allow us to work with non-university or climate startups in a focused, high impact manner potentially leading to consulting mandates and brand recognition.

Our business building programs
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We help Africa's most interesting startups search for product-market-fit or raise the capital to fight another day. The program is open to any startup from across the continent but will always have at least 25% of its cohort focused on the commercialisation of Pan-African university technology.  

Our 11-month program kicks off with a Gap Analysis to determine the most pressing needs of the business. It then provides the human capital necessary to execute on clear deliverables all for a small advisory fee. Startups may gain access to up to $20,000 of capital at the discretion of SU LaunchLab. They can also hire the team to execute fundraising and executive hiring for a fee. 

We build a highway to Series A for Pan-African climate tech startups dedicated to reaching product-market-fit or raising the capital to keep striving for it. 

Our 11-month program invests $20,000 USD of financial capital to extend runway. It then contributes $20,000 USD of in-kind advisory to provide commercial, financial and human resource expertise. This allows technical founders to do what they do best - create. 

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Intense 2-week sprints are open to any and all startups from across that continent. They are aimed to achieve maximum impact at a minimum cost of both time and capital.

Sprints focus on three critical startups needs: raising mission aligned funding, driving commercial sales and hiring for scale. 

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