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Building World Shaping  

Your confident,
commercial co-builder.

We help mission driven, early-stage entrepreneurs from across the continent develop and scale their businesses.

I need the proper foundations for my university startup

Which program is right for you?

I need bespoke, expert assistance to scale my university startup 

I need a highway to series A for my Pan-African climate tech startup

Our business building programs

We help leading university student, faculty, alumni and technology transfer startups gain the proper foundations for growth through curriculum, cohort sessions and 1:1 business building support.


Teams can utilise professional templates and request additional mentoring. They also gain access to value added services such as AWS credits and discounted legal, marketing and fundraising. 

The 5-week program provides standardised content around business building techniques, sales, fundraising and pitching. It then supercharges those learnings with bespoke support. 


Startups may gain access to up to $2,500 of grant funding from Stellenbosch University as well as up to $25,000 of equity funding at the discretion of SU LaunchLab. They can also hire the team to execute fundraising and executive hiring for a fee. 

We help experienced, growth stage university startups achieve product-market-fit or raise the capital to keep searching for it through a bespoke, expert led program focused on tackling and solving critical issues. 

Teams are paired with an expert advisor selected specifically based on their needs. This expert works alongside the SU LaunchLab Business Builder team to highlight and execute key business needs. Startups also gain access to curriculum, templates and value add services including AWS credits. 

The 4-month program allows technical founders to do what they do best - create - while ensuring their deep tech business has the commercial foundation necessary for long-term success. 

We build a highway to Series A for Pan-African climate tech startups working at the intersection of climate impact and financial scalability.

SU LaunchLab Business Builders do the heavy lifting that world shaping startups require by investing both human as well as financial capital. Utilising internal skills as well as external expertise allows each startup to execute up to 3 critical deliverables throughout the bespoke program. 

The 12-month program invests $25,000 USD of financial capital to extend runway. It then contributes $25,000 USD of in-kind advisory to provide commercial, financial and human resource expertise. It also works with a defined Circle of Partners to access the next round of funding in order to maximise impact and speed to market.  

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