Scaling unique climate solutions 
in Africa by Africa for Africa 

We need scalable, localized

climate solutions now

The startup is our grassroots vehicle to create, test and scale uniquely African models to positively impact the future of life on our continent

Investment Themes

We employ a top-down investment approach that lives at the intersection of environmental impact and commercial viability. It focuses on four sectors of distinct importance and great potential impact to climate outcomes on the continent.

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Precision Agriculture

The world is a farmer. We make use of cutting edge technology to make that farmer more environmentally efficient. This leads to better personal and climate outcomes.


Off-Grid Solutions

Most Africans live off grid. They need to come online. The only way this can occur without massive negative environmental effects is for the lights to turn with renewables from day 1. We make that happen.



African cities are growing at an alarming rate. They need solutions that optimize energy efficiency and air quality. We leverage the research and technical ability of Stellenbosch University to design these startup solutions.


Software for Climate

Software is eating the world. Africa has incredible human capital and low operating expenses. We build global solutions at this nexus.


Technical Founders

Pan-African business

Who we love
to work with

Post Revenue aiming for investment and scale 

How we're

co-building team

Our team works directly with the startup team to fill critical roles such as CFO, CCO, COO & CRO.

We serve as the variable cost business team that technical founders need to achieve product-market-fit.


We analyze every business and develop a report with key strategic insights and opportunities to share with stakeholders.

This report serves as the foundation for our bespoke co-building work together. It is also a very valuable risk assessment tool for future investors. 

Dedicated group
of experts

Our program puts world-class subject-matter experts with experience across African, European, and American markets at your fingertips.


We provide direct access to one of Africa's top universities--it's expertise, research and network.

ClimateLab Business Builder Program 

Diagnostic Assessment

1 month

A deep dive to assess current state of affairs and offer strategic insights 

Key items analysed: 

  • Vision, mission, value proposition

  • Burn, runway, performance 

  • Business model, pricing, economics

Co-Building Program

2 months

Focus on 3 achievable success metrics  

Bespoke and tailored learning content 

Weekly office hours with dedicated SU LaunchLab team 

Access to global experts based on unique needs of each business 

Post-program Support

2 months

1:1 mentor matched specifically for company needs 

2+ hours per week of defined sessions with mentor to address specific items

Continued access to experts, investors and network to achieve 3 metrics

Summer Cohort
Feb - June

Applications: 1 September-31 October
Interviews: 1-30 November
Cohort finalized: 1 January

Winter Cohort
July - Nov

Applications: 1 March through 30 April
Interviews: 1-31 May
Cohort finalized: 1 June
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Paul Rowett

Former CEO, Lobster Ink

Founded and built Lobster Ink into a global education platform with 2 million users in 20 languages. Currently focused on decarbonising the global economy.

World-class entrepreneurs want to solve the climate crisis.


We offer a platform for them to plug into high potential startups and help push their teams to the next level of scale.

Then we work side by side with them rolling up our sleeves to make it happen. 

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Arno Smit

Head of Product, FundedByMe

Created FundedByMe, a platform connecting investors with entrepreneurs which has funneled R1.4bn into 700 companies. Advises on funding, product roadmaps and go-to-market strategies.


Andre De Wet

Founder, 2ndBase, Inc.

Seasoned CEO, strategist and entrepreneur.  Former CEO of with a passion for digital and deep experience in fintech, e-commerce and mobile.

Pricing & Alignment
Pricing allows SU LaunchLab and startups to create value together
by ensuring short-term actions meet long-term objectives 
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Ready to build?