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Helping like-minded entrepreneurial individuals find each other.

We offer a myriad of opportunities for students, researchers, parents, employees and dreamers of all shapes and sizes to start their entrepreneurial journey, develop their skills or just have fun with other passionate people.


Service providers

Early stage startups

Aspiring students


Tech transfer spinouts



Who is part of our community?

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Open Office Hours

Have a new business idea that you want to run by a trusted partner? Curious about ways to break into the startup life? Want to learn more about the right program for you? Come chat with us- anyone is welcome.


We offer 2 sessions every week simply to help those on the path make creative mistakes.

Sign up for a 45 minute session today!

*We release our bookings 6 weeks in advance. If there are no slots available when you try to book, check again every Thursday when the next set of bookings are made available.


Community Events

Startups are lonely, scary and can make you crazy. We all need a community to walk with us on this journey. We aim to make these events personally interesting, professionally impactful and focused on learning something new about entrepreneurism.

See our Events page for upcoming events or click the button below to sign up for an upcoming session.


Experiential Learning Workshops

You can't read a book or listen to a podcast and call yourself an entrepreneur. In order to build you must get your hands dirty.


Our workshops offer a low pressure, fun, exciting way to work with diverse people with unique experiences and skill sets all focused on experiential learning. 


See our Events page for upcoming workshops or click the button below to sign up.

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Hosting your event at SU LL

We host events and workshops at SU LaunchLab or at partner sites. Our conference rooms, large open interior space and outdoor courtyard can provide an inspirational and invigorating environment for your next event. 


If you are interested in running a community event or workshop for your organization, reach out to us!

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