Director of
Business Development

Our Company 

Stellenbosch University LaunchLab (“SU LL”) is Africa’s leading University-backed Business Incubator with a mission of transforming seemingly impossible ideas into world-shaping businesses. Focusing on the 0 to 1 journey for early-stage ventures allows SU LL to build a vibrant entrepreneurial community, grow innovative ways of problem solving and build high impact, sustainable companies originating from university research. Over 250 companies have come through our programs resulting in over $30M USD of funds raised, $32M of annual revenue and 250+ jobs created.


Our Culture


What we do is who we are. Our entire team lives our LaunchPAD culture. We focus on creating a People First, Authentic & Driven (PAD) environment for everyone to achieve their full potential and we expect our Director of Business Development to exhibit the values that embody our culture.



SU LL is seeking an experienced, world-class Director of Business Development with a mission to transform Africa.  We are in search of an entrepreneurial individual who is passionate about creating win-win partnerships with mission-aligned organisations, primarily focused on large South African corporates as well as being given an opportunity to build relationships in the development finance, government and grant funding sectors across South Africa and Africa.

The ideal candidate will have extensive experience and existing relationships with the aforementioned stakeholders, including a deep first-hand knowledge of corporates. They will also have a personal history of locating, securing and closing business partnerships across South Africa, with experience in the rest of Africa, Europe and other geographies being beneficial. In addition to creating strong partnerships, our Director of Business Development will standardise and coordinate our commercial efforts across the business by overseeing the development of our CRM system and sales process.  Expertise in these areas and the ability to manage projects from start to finish, with proven experience delivering extremely high-quality results with minimal supervision, is essential.

A minimum of 7+ years of experience in a business development, commercial or partnerships role, along with an entrepreneurial mindset, is required. Experience either working with or running a startup is always a plus. 

Position Details

Position: Director of Business Development 
Hours: Full time position subject to 6-month probationary period 
Reporting: Reports directly to Chief Executive Officer 
Fixed Salary: R60,000 - 70,000 gross per month 
Variable Earnings: Opportunity to earn cash bonuses and annual profit sharing 
Location: Must be in Stellenbosch office 3 days per week
Start date: Jan 2023

  • Identify, pursue and create win-win partnership opportunities with key stakeholders and potential commercial partners with a focus on corporates but also including university, development finance and government sectors.
  • Manage existing relationships in the aforementioned sectors with compassion, empathy and strong business acumen.
  • Build out market leading sales and customer relationship processes and systems, including the creation and maintenance of a corporate sales playbook.
  • Collaborate with the CEO to ensure sales, profitability and partnership objectives are met.
  • Think creatively and innovatively about new business models, partnerships and funding opportunities that align with company strategic priorities.
  • Develop an extremely strong understanding of SU LaunchLab’s business, competitors, products and services in order to serve as an ambassador for the organisation in the market. 
  • Continually ‘get out of the building’ to research the latest industry trends to continue SU LaunchLab as Africa’s market leading university business incubator.


Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business or similar area required. 

  • Advanced degree such as MBA, CA, CFA, or JD valued. 

  • Strong mission alignment with a deep passion to transform Africa. 

  • 7+ years of experience in a senior business development, sales or commercial role required. 

  • Proven history and track record of originating, nurturing, structuring, negotiating and closing sizable transactions with professional corporate and government partners. 

  • Extensive work for and with various corporate and government entities across South Africa, Africa and Europe. 

  • Network of close contacts and trusted partners at decision making levels within corporate and government partners.


Skills Requirements

  • Proactive, hustling, action-oriented mentality with a deep passion for building and maintaining positive relationships with key customers and stakeholders.

  • Creativity to identify and test new ways to locate partners or develop routes to market through partnerships. 

  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills both written and verbal in order to express technical and non-technical concepts clearly and concisely. 

  • Skillful  listening and empathising in order to understand customer needs based on key pain points. 

  • Structured problem solving to transform customer needs into actionable, win-win transactions. 

  • Strong ability to assess situations and deliver sound judgement with minimal oversight.

  • Excellent analytical ability with the skill to budget, scope  and determine optimal deal pricing from a unit economics and entity perspective.  

  • High attention to detail and standard of work. 

  • Excellent organisational skills in order to create, manage and achieve priorities and sales targets. 

  • Self starter that will bring up the entire professional level of the team from a strategic, work ethic and experience perspective.

  • Eager to get out of the building to meet new people, locate new business and become Africa’s leader in innovative partnerships. 



Let's transform seemingly impossible into world-shaping together.