Entrepreneurial Programs

No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, SU LaunchLab has the right program to launch you to the next level of growth.

Our bootcamp provides a foundational knowledge in cutting edge data science topics such as Big Data, AI and Machine Learning, accompanied by a heavy dose of Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Entrepreneurial Development techniques.

Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, this outcomes-based program works with Africa's best early stage ideas across various sectors. Our dedicated business building team serves as a confident commercial co-builder helping teams make a first sale, grow revenue and raise mission aligned funding.

University Startup Lab logo.png
University Startup Lab logo.png

University research can become products that shape the lives of people around the world. We serve as the commercial partner that deep technical experts need in order to transform their intellectual property into high impact, scalable startups.

Scaling unique climate solutions in Africa by Africa for Africa. We live at the intersection of environmental impact and commercial viability and focus on four sectors of distinct importance and with great potential to impact climate outcomes on the continent.