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You don't need to start a business to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset.

We offer a myriad of opportunities for students, researchers, parents, employees and dreamers of all shapes and sizes to start their entrepreneurial journey, develop their skills or just have fun with other passionate people.

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What's coming up

Unfortunately our March event is only open to our biotech community and select departments at Stellenbosch University. If you are in the biotech space and would like to attend please email explaining your involvement or interest in the biotech space. 

Check back next month to sign up for our April event or sign up below to get our event invite straight to your inbox before they are announced on social media. 

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Looking for other ways
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See our Community page to sign up for Office Hours, enquire about hosting your event at SU LL, and more.

If you're an SU LaunchLab Resident who wants to book a meeting room, please click below.
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